I don’t want just words. If that’s all you have for me, you’d better go.

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The Bells of Saint John: A Prequel - Doctor Who - Series 7 2013

The Doctor takes a break….

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Doctors + Weeping Angel Cosplay


The Doctors was in.

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Actress Audrey Hepburn (1929-1993), at the 26th Annual Academy Awards, 1954.

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Day 18,19 & 20

Yea so I’ve been super lazy blogging! But I’ve also been super busy cooking up a storm!

I’ve discovered two necessary items for a vegetarian, gluten free & sugar free kitchen.

1. A stick blender!

Seriously magic! So easy to turn everything to pulp in an instant. Best tool for making super mushy stewed apples.

2. The Revive Cafe Cook book (1 and/or 2, both are fantastic)

The recipes are so easy and most of the ingredients are a part of your everyday pantry anyway. Plus they are full of spices which I absolutely love!
Yesterday I made date purée, satay sauce, hummus and Thai Satay Kumara Noddles.
And tonight I made Sweet Chilli Roasted Veges.

It is possibly the best cook book I’ve ever owned and only $29.99 at paper plus and take notes. Would definitely recommend it to everyone!

Day 15/16/17

Busy weekend! Crazy parties, beach days and shopping expeditions. Got a sweet new bomber jacket! It’s covered in star studs and awesomely cropped! Love it!

Main achievement: making my own hummus! 600g of chickpeas, 2 cloves of garlic, 2tsps of tahini, 1 tsp of cumin, juice of 1 lemon & 1/4 cup of water all in a food processor.
It’s incredibly delicious!

Day 14!

Half way there! Today was super hard! Being out and about at meetings all day meant it was really hard to find things I could eat on the go.

Managed to find vegetarian sushi and a vegetarian iskender. Both were super yummy but still a struggle to find. Mainly lived on soy chai lattes all day. Managed to keep up with my no coffee which is a bonus!

Anyway check out my nail art, inspired by my new wallet.